Our company has been operating in the market since 2001, but the “WILI” brand we proudly represent was established already in 1991. In 2011 we, therefore, took the opportunity of our 20th anniversary to change our name to Wili Holding, a.s.

Our core business is lease and sale of our own immovable property. We carry out the facility management through our subsidiaries.

We have over 20-year experience of hotel and restaurant management and tourism-related services. In 2005, Wili Hotel in Púchov received the "2004 Hotel of the Year" award. At present, we operate  Wili Royal, a villa in Belušské Slatiny (a venue where social events such as wedding or birthday parties are organised); Wili Hunting ( a "settlement" of small log cottages located in a virgin nature setting where we organise, in cooperation with Krížna Hunting Association, Bear Watching events and other activities for our clients;); and Wili in Tatranská Lomnica, a studio-flat hotel (the hotel part is leased out).

" We love to do services "